It’s like herding Maps…

With just two days until the Haute Route kicks off, the objectives for the day were simple…



Don’t crash.

Contain the uncontainable, curbing the enthusiasm of Maps, such that he doesn’t leave his best race on the training track.

“Are my legs in the picture?”

Yes Maps, you may discontinue the flex.

Striking out towards Saint Gervais, then Passy, we hit one of the main climbs for Stage 1, the Plateau d’Assay – 6km at 7.7% (or roughly 12% if you listen to Adrian), and finally Plaine Joux at 1750m.

The Mont Blanc in the background from Plaine Joux.

Muffin accomplished.

In other news, Haute Route has announced that a new jersey competition will be held at this year’s event. The Orange Jersey will be awarded to the rider who most exemplifies the spirit of Haute Route: tan lines, big pipes, and the ability to flex one’s quadriceps at all times. Performance enhancing cosmetics will be prohibited… sorry Maps.

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