If only you could bottle a day like today!

How do you describe looking up, to clouds high in the sky, and then seeing mountain peaks looming magestically above them, seemingly suspended from another world.?

I don’t have sufficient command of the written word to come up with anything more profound that “Holy Phark! Just LOOK at that!”.

It has become apparent that we must record for all time, the actions and utterances of my travel companion, Adrian “Maps” Ward..

Today, our first full day in Megève, began with a lazy morning coffee and croissant, a catchup with our new mate from Dubai, Ahmed, and a roll out for a casual 3-4 hours floating in awe and wonder around the local roads.

Soon after rolling out came the revelation that Maps had washed his hair with dishwashing detergent, and was planning to go shopping later for shampoo in order to wash his dirty cycling kit.

Ahmed’s Trek Madone is adorned by more electronic gadgetry than Houston mission control. Engrossed in his numbers, Ahmed soon had a problem. More to the point the Italian rider who was reentering the atmosphere from a local peak had a problem, as Ahmed drifted aimlessly into his path. No lives were lost, but we did learn some new Italian words!

Given Map’s tenuous command of the practical use of kitchen liquids, I did the cooking. Maps did the sleeping. Mel, I feel your pain.

(Note the discrete product placement, Russ Lee…). *Commercial fees apply.

Later, a spot of shopping around the uber-expensive town centre in Megève. Mel, rest assured that Adrian is on the hunt for your Fendi. I’m assuming that Fendi is a flavour of ice cream, or else at these prices we may need more kidneys.

5 Replies to “If only you could bottle a day like today!”

  1. As you toil away up those beautiful mountains in a few days time I wonder what magical words you will dredge up to describe the scenery, or will you actually notice it – it’s best to enjoy it now.
    Love your pics.
    Looking forward to the next episode.


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