Travels, tribulations, and the global search of good muffin.

Aaaand we’re off!

Maps and I have made our way as far as Geneva, currently, at the time of writing en route by bus to Megève.

Adrian’s strict weight loss program now includes the contents of his wallet… stung 5 big ones for 10 small kilos (and not the boogie board kind). Thanks Etihad… your stadium was shit-house for football, and your customer service ranks just below the Boronia thirds.

Alas, his enthusiasm for the adventure at hand is undiminished, and we set our sights on the most immediate task… where to find a bit of muffin in this town.

Turns out that the airport cafe was not that place.

And while Maps watched his abs, and I watched Maps watching his abs, we weren’t watching for the connecting bus from Sallanches 😱

The odyssey continues…

4 Replies to “Travels, tribulations, and the global search of good muffin.”

  1. What is it with muffins? They’re good but not that good. Glad that you’ve arrive safely with all you’re bikes and way overpriced 10kgs of clothing😂 looking forward to some scenic riding shots! Enjoy superb cycling and have loads of fun❤

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