Sure, sounds like fun!

A conversation over a coffee was all it took to kick this baby off the ground.

Time travels, and it’s nearly a year now since my buddy Adrian, and me, Stuart, agreed to tackle the 2019 edition of the Haute Route Alps. For Adrian, known from this moment as “Maps”, this race is a celebration of his 50th anniversary of being alive.

As for me, (known from this point as easily led astray), I took a minimal amount of convincing that 900km in 7 days, with 20,000m of climbing seemed like an eminently sensible thing for middle aged men to try.

So in a combination of coffee, muffins, bravado and complete ignorance, we agreed to enter the race, and so it began….

What is Haute Route?

Well, it’s a Sportif cycling event, a race for those who want to race, but a journey for everyone.

The race features a number of hors catégorie climbs, including famed Tour de France climbs Alpe d’Huez, Col du Madeleine, and Col d’Iozard.

The competition ranges from uber-fit former pros, to complete novices who probably don’t know what emergency life preservation measures await them.

Stay tuned…

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